The beauty of these low-cost prepaid services is that they use national carriers' networks but offer service at a reduced price without a contract. I know it sounds too good to be true. And it may in fact be too good to be true. As I mentioned earlier, there are some caveats to consider. While all the major nationwide carriers are starting to roll out their 4G LTE networks, none of the resellers offer service over these LTE networks. Simple Mobile does claim to offer 4G service over T-Mobile's network, but it's T-Mobile's version of 4G, which is really HSPA+. A lot of cell phone service users are unsatisfied of its high phone bills and want to low it. For regularly they have to choose another service’s providers that offers prepaid plan on a low prices. That’s why a lot of customers choose MetroPCS. Changing the cell phone service providers for MetroPCS allows the user to save more than half of cost they have paid before. If you choose to pass to MetroPCS you have no need to buy a new cell phone, you can flash the existing on MetroPCS. It is possible because MetroPCS gives the possibility to flash almost all cell phones on it network. MetroPCS is activating on HoudiniSoft (repair software), a program that allows the cell phones to flash and work on MetroPCS. You can flash your cell phone in the MetroPCS store and service representative will flash your cell phone instead you. . Also most of these carriers do not offer international roaming. But this may not be a problem if you are using a phone with GSM service. You can simply unlock the phone and pop in a local SIM card while traveling for access overseas. As for the new phones and the service plans, I do have some advice. If your wife isn't likely to use a lot of data and has access to Wi-Fi on a regular basis, then I think the two of you may be fine with Verizon's lowest tier of service. This plan offers you 1GB of data to share for $50 a month. To connect two smartphones, it will cost you another $80. The total bill will be $130 a month.



DEFINATION OF CELL PHONE FLASHING - No, Joseph, I am not overlooking the fact that the signaller would wobble, I am pointing out that the aiming technique does not in fact aim. If his wobble gets him on target, that’s nothing to do with aiming, it’s do with getting a lucky miss from what he is actually centring on, which happens to be off the target because the technique is flawed. As I pointed out, you might as well skip the whole fingers thing and just aim by eye without trying to do two things at once. Doug, no, I’m not “speaking as if the mirror reflects out a laser beam tight light”; I know perfectly well that “it’s a slightly diffuse beam”. It’s just that that is not enough that it “should have a significant enough portion of that beam cross the target to be seen if you are looking directly over the center of the mirror as shown in the photo- your beam may be slightly high of the target, but not enough to make the flash so dim as to be missed”.WHAT IS CELL PHONE FLASHING? The thing is that the beam is near enough a single line that the problem does not go away until you can make the bias very small, say by the improved method I described in my first comment. The spread of the beam basically covers an angle that the sun itself does, from the apparent width of the sun (diffraction doesn’t really come into it, and we are working with flat mirrors).CELL PHONE FLASHING PRO AND CONS This is much, much smaller than the error angle from holding the mirror to the side of your direct gaze past your aiming fingers to your target. You can easily check this: just hold your aiming fingers so that they shadow the mirror, as well as the reflection hitting the fingers. When that happens the reflection is going back to the sun, but the only way your gaze past the aiming fingers also goes back to the sun is if their shadow is also falling on your eyes – and the angle is just too great for that until you bring the mirror very close to the aiming line from your eyes to the aiming fingers. But that is just precisely the improved method I described, using different words. WHY FLASH YOUR CELL PHONE TODAY? What is more, there is no guarantee of a lucky miss, and getting occasional flashes right is precisely the opposite of getting out a particular signal pattern anyway (one that wouldn’t be confused with reflections off random objects, say). But where I came in was to describe a system that really is controllable and accurate. Even if you were 100% right about wobbles getting you a result (you’d have to be very lucky, so it’s not a certainty), the article was actually claiming something else, an accurate method – something that can’t be delivered by a simple mirror.