What are the Cloud Flasher Terms of Use? Utilizing cloud flasher, remote repair system it means that you agree to all Terms & Conditions You understand that repair to metropcs or cricket is for their dual band coverage area only Some still do not understand the benefits of repair your cell phone to a Cricket or Page Plus. Since you're already an HTC Droid Incredible user, you may be interested in the new Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It costs $150 to join the Open Source Software Community for Cell Phone Repairs with a two-year contract on Verizon's Web site, and it comes with the updated version of HTC Sense software and Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. You should check with Verizon to see if the company is running any special promotions where you can buy one and get one free. They run those offers often. So that's something to consider as well. Both Cricket and Page plus, offer plans that are half that of Verizon and Sprint and their coverage is every bit as good. Also, they do not lock you into a contract. This is strictly month to month. If you already own a cell phone and do not want to be locked into a long 2 year contract paying upwards of $100 a month, then these prepaid carriers might be the way to go for you. But Verizon cellular service isn't cheap, as you mentioned. Under the new Share Everything including all knowledge on Cell Phone Repairs with Open Source Community plans that were recently put in place, you would pay a minimum of $90 a month for a smartphone plan that would give you access to 1GB of data per month. You'd also get unlimited voice and text messaging with this service, plus you'd also have the ability to turn your smartphone into a hot spot at no additional charge. Of course, you won't get the hot spot service included in Verizon's share plan or the 4G LTE access. But if you have access to Wi-Fi most of the time, you won't really need hot spot functionality or 4G LTE speeds. The university Wi-Fi services will offer connectivity for all your other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and the speeds of the campus Wi-Fi may be as fast or faster than Verizon's LTE service for FLASHING OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. You understand that repair any phone may void the manufactures warranty. The big drawback to Page Plus is that you won't get access to Verizon's 4G LTE network. So if speedy, broadband-like access on your smartphone is important to you, then Page Plus would not be the service to choose. As someone who gets to play with these 4G LTE devices on a regular basis, I have to say that I love the fast access. And it would be hard for me to give it up. It makes accessing apps like Facebook or looking up something on the Internet when you're out and about so much faster than the old 3G, where it feels like you have to wait forever for a page to load. You agree that any dispute in regards to the repair of handsets through cloudflasher must be disputed by an arbutrator at your own expense. DC Cellphone Repairs - Open Source Development DC Cellphone Repairs - Procurement Services DC Cellphone Repairs - Product Feedback DC Cellphone Repairs - Recycling DC Cellphone Repairs - Sign Up DC Cellphone Repairs - Sitemap DC Cellphone Repairs - Store Locator DC Cellphone Repairs - Support Services You understand that changing your cellphone number will void the flash settings and require an additional flash to your handset.